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From the early 20th century, Voith has manufactured motor-generators. In 1976, the world’s most powerful motor-generators for Bath County (USA) were delivered. One of the largest capacity high-speed motor-generators were installed at Guangzhou II (China) in 2000. We offer technical excellence in synchronous as well as asynchronous generators.

Our Technology

Motor-generator technology by Voith – including excita- tion, static frequency converters (SFC) and SCADA systems.

Well advanced and proven VPI insulation system for optimized design for Class 155 according IEC (formerly Class F) and voltages up to 27 kV.

Motor-generators are air-cooled by RIM-Ventilation or forced ventilated or direct water-cooling of stator or stator and rotor windings and also stator core.

Magnetic thrust bearings for reduced torque during pump starts and reduced bearing losses during normal operation.

Comprehensive system for automation of power station complex as a whole including monitoring, remote supervisory control and data acquisition of the plant with fiber optic cable as required, for control and station networks.

Static frequency converter systems composed of computer duplex digital controller and optical thyristor of high resistance voltage for high performance and easy maintenance.

Asynchronous motor-generators

With the use of an asynchronous motor-generator the rotational speed of the pump-turbine can be varied. Thus, the pump capacity can be adjusted to using just the currently available amount of energy. This allows for a highly efficient stabilization of the grid.

Selected references

Bath County, USA


Voith modernized the six turbines of the Bath County (Virginia) pumped storage power station, making it once more the largest in the world. read more

Tai'An, China


Voith installed a large turnkey pumped storage power plant in the Chinese Shandong province. read more

Guangzhou, China


Voith fitted one of the world's most powerful pumped storage power plants with four units consisting of pump turbines and motor generators. read more