Modernization & Rehabilitation

Modernizing an existing plant can be challenging. Our objective is to develop and implement the best solution for you. The same level of commitment is shown on individual component upgrades or complete plant rehabilitations. Rehabilitation is complex since the change of a single component can affect the operation of the whole plant. Each component is inter-related in a hydropower plant. Voith is your reliable and experienced partner for all modernization projects. Our broad range of references and our successful longterm partnerships with our customers are a proof of our excellence in rehabilitation.

Upgrading encompasses the replacement and improvements of components which have been the cause of high maintenance and repair or for which failure is expected in the near future due to aging. Upgrading also includes the installation of additional components or devices to improve the total plant. Often, rehabilitation can improve the output and significantly increases the plant’s profitability.


Selected references

Rheinfelden, Germany/Switzerland

Voith's modernization work here tripled the annual output, enabling it to generate enough electricity for around 170 000 households. read more

Bath County, USA


Voith modernized the six turbines of the Bath County (Virginia) pumped storage power station, making it once more the largest in the world. read more

Uglich, Russia  

The Russian hydropower station on the River Volga was modernized by Voith, improving its output by around 30 percent. read more

Eglisau, Switzerland  

Voith supplied the listed building of the Swiss power station Eglisau with the latest technology, thus increasing its output by around 30 percent. read more