Shut-off valves

Shut-off valves

Voith startet designing mechanical-hydraulic control equipment for water turbines as long as a century ago, because extreme adjusting forces and short closing times cannot be coped with by purely mechanical means.

Over 30 % of the shut-off valves supplied by Voith are spherical valves.
Voith has manufactured approximately 1 000 spherical valves for hydraulic applications such as guard valves, Francis turbine and Pelton turbine inlet valves and pump or pump/turbine shut-off valves.


Selected references

Tai'An, China


Voith installed a large turnkey pumped storage power plant in the Chinese Shandong province. read more

Limberg II & Kopswerk II, Austria

The Kopswerk II and Limberg II pumped storage power plants in Austria produce clean electricity and help to contribute to the stability of Europe's electricity network; Voith delivered their critical components. read more