In 1937 we developed the first large pump-turbine, which operated both as a turbine for energy generation and, in the reverse direction, as a pump.

Today, nearly 200 Voith pump-turbines have been installed worldwide with a combined output of over 25 000 MW. With a wide range of specific speeds, pump-turbines can be installed at sites with heads up to 700 m, and with unit capacities ranging from less than 10 to 500 MW.

The company’s state of the art technological level is being constantly worked on and includes latest developments on variable-speed technology and wide head range applications. These machines have proven extremely reliable in practical operation. In some cases this experience covers many decades. It makes no difference whether demand is for a reversible pump-turbine or an optimally designed combination of turbine and pump.

Selected references

Bath County, USA


Voith modernized the six turbines of the Bath County (Virginia) pumped storage power station, making it once more the largest in the world. read more

Tai'An, China


Voith installed a large turnkey pumped storage power plant in the Chinese Shandong province. read more

Goldisthal, Germany


Voith equipped this large, modern pumped storage power station with variable-speed pump turbines, as well as a large proportion of its automation and control systems. read more

Guangzhou, China


Voith fitted one of the world's most powerful pumped storage power plants with four units consisting of pump turbines and motor generators. read more

Frades II, Portugal 


With Voith's variable-speed pump turbines this milestone in pumped storage technology will promote the development of renewable energy in Portugal. read more

Limberg II & Kopswerk II, Austria

The Kopswerk II and Limberg II pumped storage power plants in Austria produce clean electricity and help to contribute to the stability of Europe's electricity network; Voith delivered their critical components. read more

Ingula, South Africa


Voith supplies all of the electro-mechanical equipment for this South African pumped storage project which will be used to stabilize the entire electricity network.   read more