Audit – steam and condensate system

Audit – steam and condensate system

Efficient use of steam lowers energy costs

The steam and condensate system audit simulates the drying process with various operating parameters. Two audit modules are available to optimize energy or increase capacity.

A short situation analysis in which problems and potentials are localized serves as the basis for preparation of a quote regarding the on-site inspection and evaluation of the drying process. As part of the on-site inspection, the system is measured, taking the drying technology in the hood into account. This involves measuring the cylinder surface temperatures, pocket moisture, temperature differences and mass flow rates at heat exchangers. Relevant production data such as dry content, system pressures and siphon diameters complete the picture.

Depending on the customer’s requirement, two modules are taken as the basis for the audit. Module 1 is designed for energy optimization of the dryer section. An energy efficiency check of the dryer section, including secondary consumers, is carried out. Module 2 is oriented toward an increase in capacity. Various operating states are subjected to a capacity check with BATRO drying simulation. Module 2 is for optimization of web drying and the heat curve.

The steam and condensate system audit helps increase drying capacity in the dryer section and ensure system effectiveness by checking the most important system components.


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