M&D high-speed thermography

M&D high-speed thermography

Temperature analysis during ongoing production

The high-speed thermography camera records all data in a paper machine relating to temperature. It also records processes at especially high machine speeds.

High-speed thermographic analysis records processes in the paper machine that occur too quickly for conventional thermographic systems to capture. At a machine speed of 1,800 m/min it is possible to map very small structures on moving surfaces starting at a size of only ca. 6 mm. This enables investigation of roll surfaces (e.g., heat distribution, condensate formation) and irregularities in the paper (influence of fabric joints, nozzle moisturizer, steambox, etc.)

In addition, since high-speed thermographic analysis is contactless, it can be carried out during ongoing production with no production loss. Specially developed software allows the surface of a roll to be mapped as a two-dimensional temperature image (called HST mapping). Graphic presentation is possible without the overlapping of images. In addition, statistical analyses of the recordings can be carried out on site, allowing test runs to be evaluated quickly and comfortably, for example.

High-speed thermography is used for recording temperature-related parameters in the paper machine.


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