M&D paper profile (Tapio PMA)

M&D paper profile (Tapio PMA)

High-resolution sampling of longitudinal and cross profile

Offline paper sample analysis with the Tapio PMA allows detection of quality problems in longitudinal and cross direction that can never be detected by the online scanner.

The measurement simultaneously detects all important quality parameters by means of high-resolution sampling of longitudinal and cross profile paper samples. Various sensor types detect basis weight, ash (absolute), thickness, gloss, transmission, opacity, reflectivity, density and porosity, among other things. Feed rates and standardized geometries of the sensor aperture are measured in both machine and cross direction under the same climatic conditions.

Due to the low machine speed during the measurement, the distance between the individual measuring points is small and a very high resolution is possible. The measurements obtained are subjected to a standardized statistical evaluation and a frequency analysis, and the results can be clearly presented and properly compared. They are also reproducible, so analysis of the paper samples by means of a database benchmark is possible. Voith Paper’s database of 4,700 Tapio paper samples (as of: 01/2009) aids in this analysis.

The Tapio PMA paper sample analysis is done on the paper web offline and is for analysis of profile problems in longitudinal or cross direction.


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