M&D press capacity and nip load distribution

M&D press capacity and nip load distribution

Determining line loads and force paths in the nip

The actual line loads have to be known for optimal use of the presses. Measurements of press capacity directly in the nip help optimize the profile and loading of the rolls.

In the measurement of press capacity, calibrated load cells are installed on the operator- and drive-side bearing, and at the same time pressures on the cylinders (hydraulic and pneumatic systems) are measured. The press is loaded and unloaded during two passes in several stages to obtain an exact load diagram.

As an additional quality control module, the force path in the nip can be checked over the entire nip length with special strain gauges. For this, the strain gauge is affixed to the roll and moved through the nip in inching mode.

Another possibility is the NipSense nip imprint. It measures up to three presses simultaneously. For this, the specially made strain gauges, fitted with up to 32 sensors, are placed in the nip and loaded. An optimal profile can be set on the basis of the nip width without removing the strain gauges.

Press capacity can only be measured on conventional presses. They are used for checking the technical condition of the respective nip (irregular pressing, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, crown bow, cover wear, irregular felt wear).


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