Audit: hood ventilation technology

Audit: hood ventilation technology

Increase in energy efficiency and machine efficiency

The hood ventilation technology audit highlights maintenance and technological deficiencies in the air systems. Implemented measures for optimization often have an ROI of less than two years.

The supply and exhaust air of the hood system is measured to obtain a database for the audit. In the process, air and water quantity, temperature level, pressure level, and energy content before and after the heat exchangers are determined. Measurements from the hood complete the picture and allow an assessment of the current operating point.

In addition, the hood ventilation technology audit includes an inspection of the units present (such as heat exchangers, ducts and ventilators) and highlights maintenance deficiencies. Based on this data, various suggestions for optimization are made. Adjacent processes such as plant ventilation or process water heating are also included. The results are presented in a manner specific to the product and customer requirements.

The hood ventilation technology audit is for improving hood ventilation operation and ultimately increasing machine and energy efficiency.


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