Voith Turbo Fin

Bringing ships on course worldwide.

When escorting, Voith Water Tractors can transfer immense towing forces to the big vessels via the tow line. The Voith Turbo Fin increases these forces by 25%.
The Voith Turbo Fin is a rotating cylinder at the end of the skeg and ensures a stable, laminar flow. This permits large angles of attack without the flow stalling. The steering forces thus increase. Voith Water Tractors equipped with a Voith Turbo Fin are therefore much safer when it comes to escorting large vessels.

At first sight, one may well wonder: Who is towing whom here? But when container vessels or tankers enter a port, it is the small ones that take the big ones in tow.


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Voith Turbo Fin
Voith Turbo Fin