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Air Compressors - Trucks

Energy-efficient on all road types:

Air compressors with pre-chargers


Traveling economically and saving the environment at the same time. Auxiliary units such as air compressors in trucks and buses contribute significantly to this. Only from Voith: two-stage compression with inter-cooling system. This results in significantly reduced power uptake during transport operation.

And your vehicle is much more fuel-efficient. A special system even lowers fuel consumption while idling, without complex decoupling of the compressor.


Advantages you will enjoy every day:

  • Increased energy efficiency:
    • - Fuel consumption reduced by as much as 1.0 l/100 km
    • - Energy recovery possible in braking and coasting modes
  • Better air quality: longer service life of the air system
  • Significantly longer duty cycles: up to 85%
  • Higher pressure level: Operation above 15 bar possible


Principle of operation

Engine oil does not "crack" - lower fuel consumption

In the non-transport mode, the newly developed idle system SLS will significantly reduce fuel consumption. Lower temperatures reduce the load and avoid cracking of the engine oil. Less damaging by-products reach the vehicle air system.

one-stage series air compressor and two-stage Voith air compressor



Through the two-stage compression and the unique intermediate cooling, the system requires far less power during transport mode. The compression temperature in both cylinders is lower than 250°C. Resulting in greater operating time and thus, greater transportation power per hour with the same engine capacity.

  • Air flows through the suction chamber into the 1st level.
  • Pre-compressed hot air is cooled in the intermediate chamber, drawn in from the 2nd level and compressed to the end pressure.


The portfolio covers pre-charged twoand three-cylinder air compressors made from gray-cast iron or cast aluminium.

Customer Engine Application
Daimler OM457 Bus, trucks
Daimler OM47x Bus, trucks
Daimler OM936 Bus, trucks
Volvo D5 Bus
Volvo D9 Bus
Volvo D12 Bus
Volvo D11 Bus
MAN D0863LOH Bus
MAN D20/D26 Bus
MTU BR1600 Commercial vehicles, rail vehicles
MTU BR2000 Commercial vehicles, rail vehicles




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