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Automatic Transmissions – Bus

DIWA automatic transmissions for city and intercity buses

DIWA – Economical and eco-friendly automatic transmissions for buses

    Accelerate, shift, brake, shift. City bus operators face numerous challenges on the road each day. As a bus manufacturer or operator, rely on Voith’s globally successful DIWA automatic transmissions. Benefit from 50% less shifting and reduced downtime, maintenance costs and fuel.

    Today, over 300,000 midsize, city and intercity buses worldwide use a DIWA automatic transmission. Millions of passengers enjoy a more comfortable ride with less noise. At speeds that require other transmissions to shift two to three times, Voith offers you the pluses of stepless accelerating and braking.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Lower fuel consumption
    • Reduced air and noise pollution 
    • Maximum comfort 
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Lower installation effort
    • Global market leader in CNG buses
    • Meets the needs of demanding BRT systems worldwide

    For a Better Future: Our DIWA Highlights

      DIWA NXT: Automatic Transmission for Next-Level City Buses

      The evolution continues: our engineers have successfully advanced the world’s most effective DIWA automatic transmission to a new dimension. Drawing on the differential transformer principle, they have integrated an additional overdrive gear and a separate retarder – of equal sizes.


      • World-premiere: performance of differential transformer and retarder can now be independently optimized 
      • Recuperates braking energy based on a highly-integrated 48V mild-hybrid system
      • Reduces fuel consumption by up to 16%
      • Reduces air and noise pollution
      • Seamless hardware-software integration from one division: Voith Digital Solutions

      Better for the Environment: Our Stop-Start Technology for Your DIWA.6 Transmission

      City buses spend up to 40% of their operating time in idle. Tried and tested worldwide, Voith’s stop-start technology uses this downtime to greatly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Do your part to combat climate change while making public transportation more attractive. 



      • Currently used in over 1,500 vehicles
      • Reduces fuel consumption by around 10-12%
      • Reduces air and noise pollution 
      • Greater riding comfort for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and residents
      • Software for easy updates

      DIWA EfficiencyPro – the Intelligent Path to Even Lower Consumption

      Voith is always coming up with new ideas: DIWA EfficiencyPro is a software enhancement that enables eco-friendlier driving and lowers fuel consumption. City bus operators can instantly enjoy additional fuel savings of up to 4%.
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      Applied Across the Globe – International DIWA References

        Worldwide, bus operators big and small value the fuel savings made possible by Voith’s innovative DIWA transmissions. Their ability to flexibly adapt to a range of infrastructure and topography specifications is just one of many convincing sales arguments. This is especially true in emerging markets such as Africa, in which the demand for public transportation rises continually.

        Current distribution of the 150,000 DIWA transmissions used worldwide

        Find the Right Product for Every Challenge – DIWA Automatic Transmissions

          Whatever your requirements as a bus manufacturer or operator, at Voith you’ll find a suitable DIWA automatic transmission that lowers your fuel consumption and decreases your carbon footprint. Make the switch now.

          Destination: 100% Economical – DIWA.6

          The DIWA.6 automatic transmission is the global standard for economically advantageous and sustainable city and intercity buses. 
          Together, intelligent acceleration management and need-based reduction of operating pressure reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. 
          As a bus manufacturer or city bus operator you profit from a dramatic increase in the transmission’s efficiency.

          Your benefits at a glance

          • Optimized fuel consumption
          • Lower air and noise pollution
          • Maximum comfort and highest safety
          • Tried and true stop-start technology
          • Lower maintenance and installation costs
          • High degree of reliability and availability

          • Better on the Road All Along the Line. DIWA.6 Efficiency Package

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          Megacity or Intercity – DIWA.5 Advances Efficiently

          No matter what corner of the globe your city buses are traversing, the intelligent DIWA.5 automatic transmission adapts to the given requirements. Count on buses with low maintenance and operating costs and high availability. 

          As a bus manufacturer, choose the compact DIWA.5 without external pipes or tubes, and easily install it in the most confined spaces.

          Your benefits at a glance

          • Great value
          • Low wear
          • Enhanced comfort for passengers and drivers
          • Reduced thermal load of the cooling circuit

          DIWA.3E: Effectively Keeps Costs Down

          Your top priority as a bus manufacturer or operator: minimize costs long term. With Voith’s DIWA.3E automatic transmission, you can maximize the potential of your city and intercity buses.

          Profit from the DIWA.3E automatic transmission’s steady, low-wear acceleration. The optimally designed engine drastically reduces your operating expenses.

          Your benefits at a glance

          • Less shifting
          • Lower wear
          • Less maintenance 
          • More economical
          • More comfort for drivers and passengers
          • Also suits Euro II engines

          Prized Worldwide: DIWA’s Intelligent Features

            E300.1/E310 Control

            Voith’s family of transmission control units represents in-house developments that don’t just fulfill the latest automotive standards, but also perfectly meet the requirements of Voith’s automatic transmissions for city buses. Processing power and memory are perfectly balanced against great value and performance. The tilt sensor captures the grade of the road, laying the foundation for the topography-dependent shifting program, SensoTop.
            Beyond connecting to the vehicle, multiple interfaces link to electronic type plates installed in the transmission. Diagnostic interfaces grant access to the control unit via a diagnostic tester and a telematic control unit (TCU) to transmit data remotely.

            The TCU’s software is also developed in-house at Voith. It upholds the highest security standards and protects the unique DIWA function our customers look for.


            The topography-dependent shifting program continually evaluates all key information from the control unit, such as acceleration, load, grade of the road, and dynamically determines the optimum time to shift.

            SensoTop’s abilities have been proven in countless applications worldwide. Depending on topography and vehicle application, real-life potential for fuel savings have been up to 7% compared to an optimized, acceleration-dependent shifting program.
            This leads to a noticeable drop in operating costs. SensoTop also actively helps protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and particulate matter.

            Service Products


            The tried and tested diagnostic tool for all DIWA generations enables detailed diagnostics of the transmission and its components. Error data can be read out, and operating data analyzed and interpreted. This aids optimization and power train design.


            Telemetry solution for bus fleet operators seeking to lower the TOC and downtime of their fleet, with minimal effort.

            The system transmits the latest status data to responsible parties, keeping their fleets up and running according to the health of the components.


            Supports a driver in real-time by providing fuel-saving tips based on individual driving behavior. The information appears on a screen in the driver’s cockpit. This leads to a long-term reduction in fuel consumption and allows the driver to safely bring passengers to their destination completely stress-free. An overview of the entire fleet is available for fleet managers in weekly and monthly reports.


            Global Leader: DIWA in BRT Systems

              It’s increasingly challenging for heavy-duty buses to drive in large cities. Modern and fast bus rapid transit systems (BRT) keep traffic flowing smoothly by using a separate bus lane. Over 10,000 DIWA transmissions are currently used worldwide in a range of BRT systems, making Voith the global BRT market leader. 

              TransMilenio, Bogotá, Columbia – Voith Enjoys 84% Market Share

              Since TransMilenio’s launch, driving times have dropped by 32% and emissions by 40%. The TransMilenio BRT system transports around 2 million passengers each day, making it one of the most efficient BRT systems worldwide. Today TransMilenio is considered a benchmark for many cities worldwide looking to introduce a BRT system.

              Brisbane Busway in Australia – Voith Has a 63% Market Share

              The Brisbane Busway BRT system exemplifies how DIWA transmissions and services, as part of DIWA Excellence, increase driver comfort and overall safety. Using CNG (natural gas) also helps considerably reduced emissions from the start.

              Hangzhou BRT in China – Voith’s Market Share Is 89%

              In Hangzhou, a service and maintenance contract with predictive maintenance ensures maximum availability and cost transparency for the operator and stakeholders. Driving time is reduced by 40%. Separate bus lanes dramatically help reduce the number of traffic accidents. Based on these findings, Hangzhou has expanded its BRT system to include two additional bus lines.

              Zhengzhou BRT in China – Voith Has 100% of the Market

              The integrated DIWA SmartNet concept used in the Zhengzhou BRT system enables predictive maintenance and analysis of operating data in real time. Complete integration of Voith’s ECU data in the operator’s fleet management system considerably reduces system complexity.

              Voith Is CNG-Powered Bus Leader

                Environmentally-Friendly Operations in North America

                When phase two of the GHG regulations went into effect with the aim of reducing greenhouse gases in North American cities, there was a clear uptick in demand for climate-friendly CNG systems. Today, over 400 DIWA.6 transmissions are used in CNG engines throughout North America – a number that keeps on growing. 

                Establishing a Modern Transportation System in Baku, Azerbaijan

                For the first European games in Baku in 2015, 300 new buses to transport fans were equipped with Voith’s DIWA.5 and DIWA.6 automatic transmissions. This marked the start of the city’s modern public transportation system. 

                Quickly and Reliable On-Site: Made-to-Measure Service from Voith

                  As a customer, you benefit from our years of experience in developing and manufacturing key components for trucks and buses. Our accomplished bus experts know exactly what’s required for your success as a bus manufacturer or operator.

                  BUS COMPONENT SERVICE

                  Questions About DIWA Automatic Transmissions? We Are Here to Help.

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                    Videos: How a DIWA Automatic Transmission Works

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                      DIWA braking
                      DIWA acceleration
                      Voith DIWA functional principle: a comparison

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