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Goldisthal, Germany

Europe's largest pumped-storage plant

Goldisthal pumped-storage plant, in Thuringia, Germany, was officially commissioned in September 2003 and is, at present, Europe's most advanced pumped-storage plant.

The pumped-storage plant is expected to reduce peak load deficits and to provide a minute reserve for losses of larger power station blocks in the Vattenfall grid. These features make a significant contribution to the safe operation of the grid. The pump turbines, each rated at 265 MW, were supplied in a consortium, in which Voith Hydro was primarily responsible for the hydraulic design and the entire control system, including the technology of variable-speed turbine control in two of four machines.

By means of the variable-speed control, power input during pumping can be controlled continuously. Also, efficiency especially in turbine part load ranges is improved remarkably. Start-up of the turbine is only considerably faster and provides much smoother operation for the complete unit compared to fixed-speed units.

Variable-speed is, therefore, an advantage for overall unit performance, and also for flexibility of operation within grid regulation.

Technical data

Start of operation: 2003
Total capacity installed: 1060 MW
Head: 301.65 m
Number of units: 4
Type of turbines: Francis pump-turbines
Runner diameter: 4.59 m
Rated speed: 333 rpm
Rated voltage: 18 kV

Voith’s share

Two of four pump-turbines, as well as a large share of automation and control systems. The two units are equipped with variable-speed technology.

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