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For Ultimate Comfort On Board: Drive Systems for Yachts

They are optimized for noise and highly efficient. Propulsion technologies such as VIT or VIP are the basis for maximum on-board comfort on large yachts. VSP also guarantees a pleasant stay on board thanks to its active roll stabilization.

There is usually not much space to work with when planning propulsion systems for yachts. Nevertheless, owners demand propulsion units that meet the most stringent requirements for noise and vibration values, but still run with uncompromising efficiency and reliability Voith offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of propulsion concepts that meet these demands in every respect.

The compact Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) is a good example: It does not need a shaft or a gear unit and has a rim-driven propeller that is powered by a permanent-magnet electric motor. This minimizes vibrations and noise emissions and simultaneously makes the drive unit powerful and highly responsive.

Voith also offers the drive as the Voith Inline Propulsor (VIP), which can swing out and rotate by 360°. It combines the advantages of the VIT with those of all-round controllable propulsion. Thanks to their compact design and simple installation, the VIT and VIP can be easily retrofitted.

Additional comfort is provided by the Voith Schneider propeller (VSP). Together with Voith roll stabilization, it offers a pleasant stay on board even in rough seas.

iVSP 2.0

    iVSP 2.0 invites you to be your own captain and explore the unique technology of the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP)

    The VSP is the safest and most accurate drive system for ships: thrust can be varied extremely fast, steplessly and precisely into all directions.

    Perhaps you still remember the predecessor program iVSP? It certainly helped to explain the VSP technology, but the ship sailed without illustrating the complex physical effects. With the new version you get a quasi-realistic on-board experience of the advantages of the VSP, and also gain a 3D insight into the heart of the VSP – its kinematics.

    The program iVSP 2.0 has three menu points: “Free Driving Mode” “Kinematics & Forces” and “Active Simulation Training.”

    The vessel that you will find under the menu points “Free Driving Mode“ and/or “Active Simulation Training“ is ready to sail and depicted as realistically as possible: the forces of the VSPs, the hydromechanics of the ship and all inertia effects are accurately captured in a time simulation. In the range “Active Simulation Training“ you can test your capabilities of steering a VSP-driven ship in a contest with other captains.

    Under “Kinematics & Forces“you learn how the unique mechanics and hydromechanics of the Voith Schneider Propeller work. Take your time: alternate between the buttons “Kinematics“ and “Hydrodynamic Forces“, modify the speed, the longitudinal and transverse thrust, and monitor the movements of the kinematics and/or the generation of hydrodynamic forces. Witness how the secret of the VSP is being revealed.


      • Precise and Safe Maneuvering. Voith Schneider Propeller

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      • The Reference in Silent Thrusters. Voith Rim-Drive Technology

      • The Reference in Silent Thrusters. Voith Rim-Drive Technology


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