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HiConBagless disc filter

HiConBagless disc filter

Reliable dewatering at increased stock consistency

The innovative HiConBagless disc filter reliably dewaters high freeness stock suspensions at increased stock consistency. Furthermore, the installation saves energy as well as money.

Standard disc filters are used for dewatering of pulp suspensions as well as fiber and process water recovery. With the introduciton of HiConBagless disc filter, Voith has substantially expanded the standard disc filter range of capabilities.

A special HiCon version of the Bagless sectors has been developed to improve the performance of the machine at increased feed consistency. Hereby, a target agitation of fiber suspesion is promoted. Furthermore, HiConBagless disc filter can even switch between short and long fiber.

Due to the corrugated stainless steel surface, the Bagless sectors are extremely rugged. Comparatively, the operating time can be essentially extended. The trouble-free operation is supported by the help of low-friction guiding blocks located at the periphery of the discs travel through a track in the vat.

The efficient HiConBagless disc filter can also be installed as an upgrade-kit on existing disc filters. This is a particularly attractive way to increase capacity of the machine up to 30%.


  • Disc filter rebuild – The Voith product range to optimize the dewatering process

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