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Correcting moisture cross profiles continuously by zone

The InfraMatic infrared drying system corrects the moisture cross profile with gas-heated infrared radiators. It facilitates continuous moisture control by zone on running webs and increases product quality.

The most important precondition for continuous controllability is the Voith K6500 metal radiator. Moisture control in narrow zones crosswise to the paper web can only be implemented with an infrared dryer. Output control, and thus correction of the moisture profile, takes place via the continuously adjustable pulsing of specially developed magnetic valves that are installed in the gas feed line of the individual radiator zones. The zone width corresponds to the radiator module width of 150 mm. InfraMatic is very cost effective, as it increases average moisture and is highly efficient. Long radiator service life and rugged design minimize maintenance costs. The installation costs are also low due to compact, space-saving hoods.

The InfraMatic system can be used and retrofitted anywhere that gas (natural gas, liquefied natural gas or liquefied gas) is available. InfraMatic is compatible with most QCS/DCS systems.