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Non-Contact Drying and Guiding

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The challenge for non-contact dryers

    Non-contact drying systems must...

    ... be contactless, fast, gentle and energy-efficient, as well as a stable web run and meet small space requirements. It is important that the freshly coated paper or board web is dried as soon as possible to avoid damage to the web surface and deposits on dryers and paper or board rolls. For more than 40 years, we have been dedicated to non-contact drying, being today's only provider of the entire range of non-contact drying and web guiding components in the market. We are your experts for every non-contact drying application!

    Our product portfolio for non-contact drying systems

      qDry Pro – The future of non-contact drying

      qDry Pro is a space- and energy-saving drying concept that combines infrared and air drying. The energetically coupled air hood is heated solely by the IR waste heat and thus does not require its own heat source. Find more details in the product brochure.

      CB-Turn – Non-contact web turn device for high-quality paper

      Compared to conventional air turns, the bearing surface portion of the CB-Turn is significantly greater and thus reduces the air volume needed to create the air cushion by approximately 30%. Air impingement nozzles and the patented diffuser wings at the web inlet and outlet reduce the amount of air diffused, which as a result stabilizes the air cushion and web run.

      Our infrared dryers – InfraAir and InfraElectric

      The InfraAir systems from Voith are contact-less drying systems that transfer thermal energy to the web via radiation, ensuring uniform heating of the web. InfraElectric is a contactless drying system that is used in pre-drying after coating units. Continuous power control allows precise output control from 0 to 100%. More information can be found in the product brochure.

      HCB-Turn – Hot-air drying with high efficiency

      The HCB-Turn is a combination hot-air drying and non-contact web turning system. It is used after coating units to ensure a stable web run. The HCB-Turn can be heated both with steam and  gas up to 400°C. The back absorption between the blast nozzles and at the head ends prevents thermal loads in the surrounding area and associated energy losses. Find all benefits in the product brochure.

      MCB-Dryer – High level of drying quality and stable web run

      Voith MCB dryers are hot air dryers that allow gentle, contactless drying of the paper web with high thermal efficiency. MCB-Dryer benefits:
      • Gentle, non-contact drying
      • Stable web run
      • Highly efficient heat transfer
      • Extremely high thermal shape stability
      • Energy-saving retraction device
      • Low overall height

      TurboDryer S – Output capacity increase in the dryer section

      The space-saving TurboDryer S module fits perfectly into the geometry and environmental conditions of existing dryer sections. Depending on the paper grade, the hot air hood with recirculating air supplies exactly the right amount of additional thermal energy to increase the speed and output of your dryer section. See more information in the product sheet.

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      Drying and curing in the wet laid glass mat industry

        We deliver the optimal dryer you need for producing your glass mat

        At Voith, we have decades of experience in contactless drying and use this expert knowledge also for the glass mat industry. We are the only full line supplier on the market and support our customers with state-of-the-art products and deep process know-how.

        FiberDry – Our glass mat dryer

          Our FiberDry is the ideal choice for all drying applications in the glass mat industry. Besides the highly flexible modular concept, our customers benefit from our deep drying know-how, which we have accumulated over decades. With the development of the FiberDry, Voith has taken the decisive step to become a full-liner for the glass mat industry. In addition, we offer the optimal service for all machine parts.

          We take complete responsibility from the first contact to the optimal production of all desired varieties on the delivered system. In addition, we provide advice for later product changes or dryer optimizations. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.
          Stephan Backes, Product Manager FiberDry

          Thanks to the modular design of our new FiberDry, we are highly flexible and offer the perfectly concerted solution for drying and curing.

          FiberDry advantages:

          • Highest glass mat quality thanks to optimized uniform distribution of air speeds and temperatures
          • Modular concept allows ideal configuration for each customer and extensive flexibility in production
          • Optional infrared module increases productivity, availability and glass mat quality
          • Industry 4.0 platform: predictive and condition based maintenance, trend monitoring and virtual sensing
          • Designed for minimized contamination for fewer cleaning shutdowns
          • Adjustable web width handling system ensures uniform drying of the product and lower energy consumption

          Get more information in the product brochure

          Customer references regarding our non-contact drying products

            Rebuild at APP

            The paper manufacturer APP wanted its BM 6 board machine to process 1,100 m/min – more than a machine for high-quality art board has ever produced. This rebuild was to take eight days and not an hour longer.


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