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Efficient calendering with high product flexibility

The Janus MK 2 is a calender that for the first time combines the advantages of the classic supercalender with the efficiency of the familiar online soft calender.

The roll stack in the Janus MK 2 is arranged at an angle of 45°, so it fits better into the production flow of the paper or coating machine. A special characteristic is the NipProtect system, which allows all roll nips to open simultaneously in distinctly less than 0.5 seconds and to then deposit the rolls gently.

Innovative covers for long service life and an optimized automatic threading system also give optimal calendering results. In addition, thanks to single or dual nip operation, higher product flexibility is possible.

The Janus MK 2 is used for online calendering of high-quality paper such as SC paper, LWC paper and wood-free coated paper. It can also be used offline.