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MEK Mobile dewiring device

Safe dewiring of recovered paper bales in paper production

Quick and, above all, safe dewiring of recovered paper bales is guaranteed in paper production with the mobile dewiring arms from Voith.

Dewiring of recovered paper bales is done manually in many paper production lines. In the process, employees are exposed to the risk of accidents due to bursting wires. With the MEK mobile dewiring arms from Voith, the dewiring process takes place using two clamp arms that are mounted directly on the lift truck’s attachment. Cutting and removing the wires can thus be done directly from the truck driver’s position and the risk of accidents due to manual operation is prevented. In addition, automated dewiring achieves a significant increase in throughput.

After dewiring of the raw material bales, the individual binding wires are automatically wound up into compact wire coils in the wire winding machine from Voith. The wire coiling machine can be integrated as an independent component in all pulp and recovered paper transport machines.


  • Mobile Dewiring Device MEK - - Improved occupational safety and higher throughput

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