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Pulping Rotors and Screen Plates

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    Efficient pulping solutions from Voith

    With the right technology, efficient pulping of virgin pulp and recovered paper in stock preparation leads to reduced specific energy consumption. In addition, bottlenecks in pulping capacity are eliminated and improvement in pulping efficiency is ensured. Our pulping rotors and screen plates meet these requirements by improving flow and pulping properties of the stock suspension.

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    Solutions for LC pulpers

      NDuraPlate B

      The kidney bean design of the holes provides significant improvements in yield, efficiency and throughput. The design features a larger working edge size of up to 75%. This improvement enables a high increase in throughput as well as optimized flake reduction. As a result of the new hole design, specific energy consumption is significantly decreased. The screen plate NDuraPlate B fits perfectly into each individual Voith pulper as well as all non-Voith pulping machines and generates a high-quality pulping result.
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      IPV Rotor

      Thanks to the wider rotor blades and softer curves, the newly developed design of the IPV Rotor enables greater pumping action or circulation of the stock in the pulper vat. In combination with Voith’s NDuraPlate B screen plate, the efficient deflaking of the fibers is substantially improved, and energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved. In addition, the special material used results in long service life and lower maintenance costs.
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      Solutions for flat screens

        NDuraPlate D

        This screen plate consists of two levels. At the lower level, the countersunk holes represent the center of the daisy. The upper level is composed of standard holes arranged like petals around the center. In interaction with a rotor, the new adjustment creates microturbulences on the plate surface. This leads to faster and better purification of the plate. The improvements of the newly designed hole shape of the NDuraPlate D result in either a high increase of the throughput or flake and loss reduction. Production efficiency steadily increases, while the fiber percentage in the rejects remains constant. These advantages lead to significant energy savings as well as a return on investment in as little as four months.
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        NDura Rotor

        With special wear-protection layers the working edges of the NDura Rotor are protected to avoid cracks in the rotor. Thus the rotor lifetime can be improved while simultaneously guaranteeing high performance and quality. Due to optimized rotor/shaft connection, maintenance costs are lower with the NDura Rotor. Furthermore, new clamping devices improve safety and minimize damage to the rotor hub and shaft.
        the design of our NDuraPlate B features a larger working edge size of up to 75%
        save up to 30% energy with our IPV Rotor for LC pulpers
        increase the pulping capacity by up to 100% with our IntensaTechnology
        our HelixRotor achieves a reduction of pulping time by up to 20% in batch operation

        Optimize your pulper with our rebuilds

          Rebuild for LC pulpers


          IntensaTechnology from Voith provides for quick and intensive mixing of fibers in pulping. With existing LC (low-consistency) pulpers, the rotor geometry and flow characteristics of the pulp are changed, and the stock consistency is increased in a comprehensive rebuild. With the IntensaTechnology rebuild components, energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved. A doubling of pulping capacity is also possible.
          Find all details in the brochure

          Rebuild for HC pulpers


          For an efficient stock preparation process, minimal fiber loss and a high degree of ink particle separation are essential features of high consistency (HC) pulpers. The HelixRotor ensures gentle pulping, yet at the same time a high degree of whiteness in the final stock through high frictional forces. It also achieves a reduction of pulping time by up to 20% in batch operation. This results in energy savings, reduced consumption of chemicals and a significant productivity increase.
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