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Safe and reliable threading systems

PrevoSystems are fully automated threading systems that ensure the highest level of safety for the operating personnel and short threading times.

PrevoSystems combine several products as a complete solution for threading in rope nips before size presses, coating sections, calenders and end sections (also entirely ropeless). At the last drying cylinder, the cut threading tail in machine direction is removed with the aid of a PrevoLift device and cut with a PrevoCut device. The Transport of the tail into a rope nip or to the next conveyor is carried out with a Prevo conveyor.

During the entire process with PrevoSystems the highest level of safety for the operating personnel is ensured. Another advantage is that thanks to the high degree of automation and the controlled tail transport, the threading process is reproducible. Broke and loss of time can be minimized after the break or start-up. With the proven PrevoSystems technology, a threading time between 20 seconds and 2 minutes per threading section is achieved with all installations.