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Quick and reliable threading in the dryer section

The ThreadConcept is the right solution for threading the paper tail through the press section, from the center roll via the stand-alone press into the dryer section.

At the beginning of the threading process, a TailFeeder lifts the paper tail off the center roll using blow air. In the process the tail retains its strength, resulting in very little pulling out of slack during the rest of the threading process.

With the TailRoll, the paper tail is fixed at the tricky point on the press felt and led to the nip of the stand-alone press. The formation of lumps is prevented, and the press felt is protected from damage. The TailDoctor then securely lifts the paper tail from the roll using blow air and threads it into the dryer section. The TailDeflector guides the web into the rope level of the dryer section and spares the operator the danger of having to intervene in the running machine. The time-consuming clearing out of the paper on the doctor of the top roll by the operator is also no longer needed.

The ThreadConcept is used in the press section to ensure quick and reliable threading of the paper web.