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EcoCal Hard

EcoCal Hard

Precise thickness and increased smoothness

The EcoCal Hard calender is for online calibration of the paper web and gives the paper a constantly precise thickness due to its hard nip between rolls. The smoothness can also be increased.

The EcoCal Hard calender consists of at least two hard rolls. The top roll, a heated chilled iron roll (Flexitherm), guarantees a uniform temperature profile. The bottom roll is a deflection compensation roll (Nipcorect) with which the cross profile can be corrected precisely and a consistent nip is produced.
The doctor operates with consistent blade contact force and completely eliminates deposits. A discharge device protects the roll and the downstream sensor system by reducing the static charge.
The EcoCal Hard calender is used mostly for online calibration of the paper web. In pre-calendering of coat raw papers, the EcoCal Hard calender achieves an improved quality after coating and end-calendering.