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PrevoCut ET

PrevoCut ET

No edge tears and less broke

PrevoCut ET (Professional Evolution EdgeTrim) is a high-pressure water jet edge trimmer that allows the paper web to be cut with an exactly definable width and position.

PrevoCut ET reliably cuts the faulty web edge off with a high-pressure water jet and leaves a paper web with an exactly definable width and position. The web edge is removed by suction and conveyed into the broke. Further processing of the paper web is thus simplified. PrevoCut ET minimizes the frequency of breaks and increases the efficiency of the paper machine. In addition, the amount of broke is reduced due to the small edge strip width. The working position can be approached in cutting mode, thus reducing the stress on the web edge at the start of the cutting process.

The PrevoCut ET edge trimmer is used to ensure a flawless paper web edge. Positioned after a calender, it also serves as roll protection since the web is run wider than the nip and thermal stress on covers is thus prevented. Before a winder it can be used to pre-trim for format adjustment.