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    The OnEfficiency concept increases the efficiency of plants and stabilizes and improves product and process quality to meet target KPIs. It decreases production costs and allows for improved machinery and process control.

    Product quality can fluctuate at various stages during production due to a lack of control and visibility of some sub-processes. Without ways to control and monitor these processes, quality instability is compensated by excess resource use, which increases production costs. OnEfficiency is an intelligent digital solution to this. Using insight data and sustainable data analysis, provides an accessible way of stabilizing and optimizing production. Product quality becomes more reliable, production costs decrease and KPIs can be targeted accurately.

    The OnEfficiency concepts DIP, Dewatering and Strength each add an improved level of control to production processes. By analyzing different parts of individual machines and the overall plant, production processes can be visualized and monitored. Processes are stabilized and, with increasing amounts of data and insight, processes are continuously improved.
    These concepts benefit both the quality of the end products and the production costs. Production visibility, control and accuracy are improved while the use of resources is optimized. Products and processes become more efficient, competitive and reliable. With time and increasing amounts of data, processes can be gradually stabilized and optimized. The three tools can be applied individually, or in combination with each other and additional appliances to expand their functionalities.


    Bringing control and stability to production processes

    The implementation of sensors at different production stages increases process control and provides opportunities for optimization. The existing de-inking process is optimized towards a steadier DIP line with a higher yield while decreasing cost and excess production. Real-time optimizers are controlling flotation losses & bleaching stages based on required quality and cost. This results in reliable quality at minimum excess operating costs.

    Key Benefits

    • Lower production and operating cost
    • Energy and supply cost reduction
    • Higher yield
    • Steadier DIP quality
    • Faster DIP grade change


    Making the dewatering process more efficient

    This concept coordinates several OnEfficiency and OnCare controllers to stabilize and optimize the production with a focus on quality. It measures the water weight and dry content in the forming section, automatically controls the vacuum to stabilize the dry content and finally dewaters single or multiple selectable elements. The process benefits quality and reduces off-spec production and excess resource use.


    Key Benefits

    • Stable Quality
    • Reduced off-spec production
    • Lower costs
    • Stable processes
    • Increased transparency


    Producing desired quality at minimum operating costs

    Instead of using destructive tests to determine sheet strength, this concept creates a virtual sensor combining various parameters. Accurate measurements are carried out and analyzed automatically to allow for a visual representation of the results. First implementations based on this data stabilize the production process, and with increasing amounts of data production is further optimized. The production efficiency and availability is increased and operating costs minimized.

    Key benefits

    • Secure and stable quality
    • Increased machine availability
    • Optimized resource utilization
    • Reduced off-spec production
    • Real time data access


    Onboard intelligence

    OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is a software configuration upgrade for your DIWA transmission. This helps you to reduce fuel consumption without the need for a special driver training. Unlike todays configuration that gives the driver full control over the maximum power of the bus. OnEfficiency.SmartAccelerate is dynamically limiting the maximal admissible engine torque depending on the actual surrounding parameters.

    Key Benefits

    • Lower operating cost and higher vehicle availability
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • Lower wear of powertrain
    • Increased comfort and safety
    • More efficient powertrain usage
    • No driver training needed
    • Quick and easy update process


    Reducing fuel consumption – Improving driving behaviour

    Fuel is not getting cheaper. This makes it a crucial item in operating costs. With OnEfficiency.DriverAssist we offer you a holistic platform to reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet by motivating your drivers to a safe and economical driving style.
    OnEfficiency.DriverAssist consists of two major components:
    • For the driver: OnEfficiency.DriverAssist Live
      DriverAssist Live supports the driver during the trip and provides summaries for track sections at the bus stops.
    • For the management: OnEfficiency.DriverAssist Fleet
      DriverAssist Fleet contains all necessary reporting features to get a fast overview of the total fleet performance.

    Key Benefits

    • Supports driver during trip
    • Provides summaries for track sections
    • Fast overview of the total fleet performance
    • Secure data connection from vehicle to the cloud


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