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Front End System CRH3-380

Meanwhile, a whole family of CRH3 products has seen the light of day at the Salzgitter production site. They all have one thing in common: a huge delivery volume.                                                                                                                                           

Both the design process of the CRH3-380 front nose and the manufacturing of the first systems took place at the Salzgitter site. The remaining front noses are manufactured locally by Chinese partners. Finally, they are mounted and adjusted at the Voith site in Shanghai.

Preceding the localisation in China, our Chinese partners underwent comprehensive training in laminating the GFRP parts, assembling the front noses and adjusting the front hatches. When production in China started, experts accompanied the process for several weeks. The result: 100 % localised front noses at 100 % quality and functionality.


Our Contribution 

  • Front nose module including front hatches
  • Front hatch kinematics (manual and automatic)
  • Type 10 automatic couplers
  • Semi-permanent couplers
  • Modular adapter coupler type 10 / AAR


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Gottfried-Linke-Straße 205
38239 Salzgitter, Germany

Tel. +49 5341 21-02

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