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Rheinfelden, Germany/Switzerland

Three-times as much electricity thanks to four Voith bulb turbines

The hydropower plant at Rheinfelden on the German/Swiss border was reconnected to the network in September 2011.

Following a construction period lasting almost eight years, the operators can now produce three-times as much electricity from the Rhine thanks to four Voith bulb turbines. Production has been increased to 600 million kilowatt hours per year. This generates climate-friendly electricity for about 170 000 households.

The hydroelectric power station in Rheinfelden was brought into service in 1898. It was the first big hydropower plant in the history of European electricity generation and contributed significantly to the industrialization and associated economic growth of the whole region.

Since 1928, Voith has been responsible time and again for carrying out service and maintenance orders in Rheinfelden. At the end of 2006, Voith was charged with the equipping of the rebuilt power station. This was the largest investment project in the field of renewable energy in Germany.

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