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We bring your hydropower plant up to highest reliability and digitalization

    Modernization – Advantages for people and the environment

    Globally, hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy generation and has been in use for over 100 years. Its contribution to a low-emission, reliable and safe energy generation will remain indispensable all around the world.

    One of the best opportunities to increase our supply of clean energy is bringing our hydropower plants up to modern standards. Plants can increase power generation with different modernization concepts:

    • Rehabilitation: Reestablishes equipment performance decreased by several years of operation through equipment replacement with the same technology, thereby extending useful life.
    • Uprate: Increases energy production through equipment modifications or replacement with state-of-the-art technology.
    • Optimized Automation: Utilizes new monitoring systems to establish a predictive maintenance approach. To stay one step ahead, we are always developing new methodologies for efficient data analysis.

    Major Benefits

    • Increase of efficiency 
    • Increase of power 
    • Increase of energy production
    • Reestablish lifetime

    Voith has over 150 years of experience in modernization of hydropower plants

      Modernizing an existing plant can be challenging. With our knowledge, we help you to develop and implement the best solution. As a reliable and experienced partner, we understand your needs and requirements and work with you to meet your targets.

      Rehabilitation is complex since the change of a single component can affect the operation of the whole plant. Each component is interrelated in a hydropower plant. Our broad range of references and our successful long-term partnerships with our customers are proof of our excellence in rehabilitation.

      • Eco-friendly: renewable energy production with a high degree of efficiency
      • Economical: low investment costs, short payback periods
      • Excellent: seamless execution at site guarantees early restart of operation
      • Competent: experienced project teams ensure highest performance

      Involving Voith early can reveal numerous options for creating additional value with the modernization project, including increased capacity and efficiency, as well as additional uses, improved operating characteristics, improved environmental performance, improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs.
      Carl Atkinson, Director Sales and Marketing at Voith Hydro York, USA

      Our products and solutions

        What we offer

        Experience and excellence in large hydro plants
        Large Hydro

        Hydropower plants are the most efficient generators of electricity in the world. Globally, 1267 GW of hydropower provide a reliable and highly available renewable source of energy. 

        As a full-range supplier with a large portfolio, we offer individual solutions for small hydropower plants around the world
        Small and Mini Hydro

        Small hydropower plants by Voith are sophisticated and reliable solutions for a sustainable energy supply. Our experts are here to accompany you from the selection of products to the start of operation and with all future maintenance.

        Worldwide, Voith has equipped pumped storage power plants with more than 200 units
        Pumped Storage

        Worldwide, Voith has equipped more than 25% of all pumped storage power plants. Pumped storage technology offers the best combination of high efficiency and huge storage capability. Besides supplying and storing energy, pumped storage power plants can stabilize the local electrical grid, are technology drivers, and are extremely fast in providing energy for our customers’ needs.

        Intelligent Hydropower

        Today hydropower is already automated. As a pioneer and innovator, Voith goes one step further by making it intelligent. With our digital solutions, operators are able to increase efficiency and flexibility as well as security of their plant.


        Successful projects around the world

          In close collaboration with our customers onsite, we develop tailored solutions for modernization. We are able to master the most complex local requirements and biggest technical challenges together.

          Our products for smaller services

            From simple repairs to general overhauls, restoring systems to their original state, or fully customized service agreements, our HyService covers all types of services.

            We are there for you, wherever you are!

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