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Pelton turbines

The flow simulation of Pelton turbines is by far the most complex and difficult of all hydraulic turbo-machinery simulations.
Pelton turbines involve a number of special flow characteristics which are extremely difficult to simulate. The jet-bucket-interaction is fully transient and depends on the moving geometry of the buckets. Even more challenging is the multiphase system of air and water that governs the formation of the free jet and the flow through the buckets. In the past, developing a flow simulation that would allow a realistic analysis of these phenomena seemed to be a task not to be solvable.

Voith’s numerical development group has finally overcome these major problems in simulating the bucket flow typical for the Pelton hydraulic. Simulation results and experimental data have shown a remarkable congruence. Today, designers have new insights into complex bucket flow phenomena providing a solid foundation for the development of new bucket profiles, that result in improved Pelton turbines. Among these are units with outputs up to 300 MW and runner diameters up to 5 m that we have successfully commissioned.

Application range

A broad manufacturing program offers an economical solution for any significant requirement. Large, custom-built Pelton turbines for high output ranges of up to 1 500 m are our speciality.


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