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Be it an apprenticeship, a study course or straightforward employment as a specialist or a senior executive: with its dedicated promotion of young talent, the family-owned company secures its future. And creates highly qualified specialists and senior executives that become drivers of success. Because they are the driving force behind all products and projects. This has been the case since our beginnings nearly 150 years ago. And this will continue to be so also in the future.

Employees secure future success

The future of successful companies lies in their qualified workforce. In people who are experts in their field. Thanks to the competencies and the passion of these employees, a small locksmith’s workshop on the Swabian Jura has turned into a global engineering group. Today, around 20,000 people in over 60 countries of the world work for the family-owned company Voith. 20,000 Voithians who represent know-how, commitment and enthusiasm.


Apprenticeships at Voith

As early as 1910 Friedrich Voith laid the foundation stone for modern vocational education with an in-house training workshop. Since then, Voith has been training people in a wide range of jobs and thus secured future generations of qualified employees.

As an industrial company, Voith offers training and apprenticeships in over 40 technical and commercial occupations at its German locations. From industrial mechanics, technical product designers to administrators and office managers.

With its proven dual training system, Voith not only secures qualified young talent in Germany but also in China or Brazil.


Vocational training means education for life

Within its vocational training program, Voith pays special attention to personal development and thus to educating young people beyond mere technical expertise. Therefore, our trainees also receive a highly diverse general education. The prospective skilled workers are not only taught how to weld, mill and turn – foreign languages, art, social studies and soft skilled are also part of the lesson plan.

Learning together, benefiting from each other

What makes Voith so strong is the diversity of its employees and their community. For this reason, the apprentices at the Voith headquarters in Heidenheim spend the first three months of training together. Everybody learns something about the job of his or her fellow trainee. The mechatronics engineer finds out what is important for IT systems technicians, or what counts for an industrial mechanic. This holistic approach has paid off for Voith: Voith trainees and apprentices regularly win prizes and awards for their outstanding achievements.

Dual training as a model for overseas companies

Germany is envied throughout the world for its dual training concept. It therefore makes sense to transfer this dual concept to other countries. Voith offers traineeships and apprenticeships based on the dual method also at its locations in São Paulo or Kunshan, and thus ensures uniformly qualified experts from its own ranks for the tasks of tomorrow.

Better job opportunities for young Brazilians

Especially in Brazil, Voith has developed a training concept in cooperation with local educational institutions, which is adapted to the requirements of the growing Brazilian market. At present, about 15 young Brazilians are being coached at the Training Center. With this measure, Voith covers its demand for skilled employees for jobs such as industrial and construction mechanics locally. In São Paulo, too, the focus is not just on pure technical knowledge but on a holistic educational approach.

Voith Training Center Kunshan: Training goes East

What has been firmly established in Brazil is now also taking shape in China: since 2014 young Chinese people undergo a one-year technical training program at the Voith Training Center in Kunshan. Around 20 trainees have already successfully completed their apprenticeship. This year, the training program enters its second cycle, with 16 young people who are being instructed on the basis of the dual training model.


Like many other companies, Voith, too, finds itself in the worldwide race for skilled technical experts and senior executives. Be it practical training alongside your studies or studying with Voith – we offer a range of attractive possibilities for students to gather their first professional experience in an international industrial group.

Combining theory and practice: dual studies at Voith

Since its foundation in 1976, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) has been cooperating with Voith in Heidenheim. Now in its 40th year, this partnership is beneficial to both parties: so far, Voith has trained some 450 students. The advantages of a dual study course: the intensive interlocking of theory and practice. The students acquire all necessary theoretical knowledge at university and, at the same time, are directly involved in the company from day one. In addition, dual students at Voith can go abroad and participate in exciting projects in China, USA, Brazil or European countries.

Studying after the Ulm Model

In addition to study courses at DHBW, Voith also offers dual studies after the Ulm Model. Trainees studying after the Ulm Model combine a university degree with a job qualification and finish their four-year training with two vocational certificates, i. e. an academic diploma and an official job qualification. For many young people, this is an ideal combination of professional experience, practical projects and scientific research.

Young Professionals

The first vocational or academic qualification is often the beginning of a promising professional career. Voith supports its young talents from their very first career steps and promotes them continuously.

After the degree is often prior to the degree

After their first degree, young people often have the choice of entering professional life straightaway or perhaps sign up for a master’s study course. At Voith they can do both: study for a master’s degree in a dual study course and take their first career steps in the company. The dual master’s degree combines the world of learning with the world of industrial practice. The students work on theory-based proposed solutions to eliminate problems in the everyday working life of their own company. As an employer, Voith is pleased to offer the Bachelor graduates a suitable and practice-oriented model for further training and thus increase their loyalty to the company.

Arrive, join in and get off to a flying start: the Global Graduate Program

The Global Graduate Program (GGP) at Voith is the ideal preparation for young professions for their later position. Voith offers graduate trainees an exciting combination of practical experience and coaching as well as mentoring across their entire training. In doing so, Voith is particularly interested in making sure that the graduate trainees apply and further develop their previously acquired personal and technical skills. The further training program consists of three consecutive project assignments: during this time, first jobbers get to know different Group Divisions, regions and countries, and also have an opportunity to experience at least one stay abroad.

Working for a prize-winning employer

External institutions regularly commend our efforts regarding young talents and our training and further education concepts. This has resulted in many renowned prizes and awards, of which we are proud. Only recently – in autumn 2016 – we have once again convinced as an employer with excellent career opportunities in two studies of Deutschland Test and trendence.

Voith offers “Top Career Opportunities”

With the “Deutschland Siegel” (German Quality Seal), the magazines Focus and Focus Money have declared Voith as the winner in the category mechanical engineering. In a dedicated study, Deutschland Test, a brand of Focus Money, looked at more than 2,000 companies from 59 different industries.

Among the Top 100 for Young Professionals

In 2016 Voith was listed among the Top 100 companies in the Young Professionals Barometer. As part of a study that has been running since 2009, the trendence Institute is asking young professionals with up to ten years of job experience about their favorite employers and their career plans. This year, Voith occupied place 78. In the Engineering Edition of the trendence Graduate Barometer Voith has been among the most attractive employers for many years, taking place 68 this year.

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