The mentoring model of Voith

Dialogue with one another is important. Sharing knowledge with colleagues is one of the keys to Voith’s success.


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The mentoring model of Voith

The essence of Voith’s mentoring model is that experienced Voith staff share their know-how with colleagues at new sites.


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The mentoring model of Voith

Voith is a global leader in servicing industrial paint shops.
In these kinds of facilities too, comprehensive cross-border knowledge transfer pays dividends and we set great store by regular training and the use of best practice methods.


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Jörn Brand acted as mentor when a new contract for extensive industrial services had to be implemented at a car plant.

Global experience and expertise deployed on customer premises

Voith Industrial Services offers a wide range of services to the automotive industry.

We already have long-standing partnerships with many of our customers. We grow with them and with their international requirements. In a nutshell: you will find us wherever cars are being built, and we will go wherever new car plants are being established.

In this context, the comprehensive knowledge transfer between specialists worldwide is extremely important to maintain the necessary quality standards at all locations. This is what we call our “mentoring model”. A good example of this is the work undertaken by Jörn Brand.

In November 2010 Jörn Brand embarked on an adventure. For two years he would hold the reins as Voith helped a customer establish a new car factory in Eastern Europe. He didn’t speak that country’s language and had never worked abroad. And yet he took up the challenge.

The customer had engaged the local branch of Voith Industrial Services to perform extensive industrial services including maintaining conveyor systems, technical building services management and technical cleaning of machinery and equipment. To do the job properly, Voith needed to improve its know-how in that country. And so Voith specialists from other locations arrived to act as mentors and share their expertise with their colleagues at the new facility.

“Never before had there been so many different work areas and locations involved as in this particular case,” says Jörn Brand. The mentors came from four different countries.

Cross-border knowledge transfer

The model of cross-border knowledge transfer has proven effective within Voith Industrial Services for new contracts.
Know-how is passed on locally to the staff of the new site, enabling these colleagues to become experts themselves.

Maintenance of conveyor systems is just one of the tasks that Voith is handling at the new car plant.

"The know-how was communicated very clearly in a hands-on fashion by means of repeated demonstrations, practice, questions and answers, more practice and then improvement. The language barrier caused a few problems sometimes but we used interpreters for the more abstract subjects."

Jörn Brand, Site Manager at Voith Industrial Services

The new factory buildings and plant were brought into service in stages; at the same time the mentors supported their colleagues as they were immersed into the various specialist areas. Following the official opening of the factory, other tasks were added. Today there is a core team of around 220 local staff who accomplish all tasks completely independently. The mentors have therefore successfully completed what they set out to do.

The collaboration with colleagues in Germany continues. As they work together, staff from both countries are acquiring more and more experience to be passed on in turn to new colleagues.

The working environment in a car plant has to be up to scratch, and that includes building services that function perfectly.

“As early as the bidding phase you have to start looking around for potential mentors. Sometimes there is a bit of chance involved. But anyone who does volunteer is then completely committed and passionate about it. It is fantastic for staff to be able to pass on their know-how and broaden their own horizons abroad.”

Werner Weinmann, Managing Director at Voith Industrial Services