Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of scheduling regular maintenance

You save time and money by calling Voith Hydro Services and scheduling regular repair and maintenance of your equipment. Maintaining your equipment keeps it in efficient running order, ultimately reducing unforeseen outages and unexpected costs. Call Voith Hydro Services to schedule your maintenance or repair in advance. Don’t wait for an emergency.

Is cavitation diminishing your ability to produce power efficiently?

Cavitation causes erosion in all types of turbine runners and pump impellers. Damage from cavitation reduces efficiency and if not stopped in time, shortens the life of turbines, and can cause major damage to the turbine and its components. Voith Hydro Services can access any cavitation damage, and determine a customized repair solution. Call our team today to ensure you don’t have an unseen outage or expensive emergency repair costs.


What can Voith Hydro Services do that our in-house welders and machinists can’t?

Since 1985, Voith Hydro Services has been the leader in cavitation repair and field machining services to the hydropower generation industry. We consistently deliver the highest quality of workmanship. Our team is best positioned to ensure repairs are completed to the highest standards.

The Voith Hydro Services team of professionals guarantee:

  • Job site safety
  • Specialized welding procedures
  • Controlled heat distortion
  • Diametric tolerances of 0.005 inch or better
  • Restored hydraulic profiles


What are the benefits of on-site field machining of turbine components?

Voith Hydro Services offers on-site field machining of turbine components, which saves you time and money.

On-site work provides:

• Daily customer quality assurance
• Turbine components are returned to OEM standards
• Cuts expensive transportation costs of oversized components
• Shorter outages


What kind of experience does the Voith Hydro Services management team have?

Voith Hydro Services has more than 70 years of turbine experience in site management, site machining and welding, project planning and turbine erection.


What is your safety record?

Safety continues to be the first item given attention to when we prepare for any project. In 2008, we had zero recordable safety incidents.

We continue to meet or exceed the expectations for safety by using a progressive approach to safety. Voith Hydro Services recognizes the need and the desire of our customers to project plan to a point that raises everyone’s expectations in regards to safety.

Voith Hydro Services conducts extensive background checks on all employees, and all employees receive OSHA 10-hour training, confined space, fall protection, safe work practices training and CPR and First Aid training. Customer requirements include extensive on-site training in lock-out. Tag-out, crane and rigging practices, confined space and emergency response practices. All these items are covered in the HSE documentation available from Voith Hydro Services.


What is unique about Voith Hydro Services’ equipment?

Voith Hydro Services can offer customers the very best in high-tech equipment.

Due to the nature of the hydropower industry and the custom nature of each unit or set of units, our equipment has to be very flexible.

With our extensive inventory of equipment on hand, we can respond to virtually any customers’ needs from units as small in diameter as 36-inches to diameters of 300-inches or larger - in either the horizontal or vertical positions. We continue to improve and expand on our capabilities by incorporating new ideas and readily available equipment and processes.

Our line boring bearing pedestals are custom made and utilize the basic equipment provided by Climax Portable machine tools, the work orders and processes are developed and updated by our in house staff.


What’s your environmental track record?

Voith Hydro Services has never been involved in a negative environmental issue. Spill kits are standard issue for Voith Hydro Services. Our equipment is built with the possibility of a potential spill in mind, and all hydraulic units have self -contained spill trays under each unit and are filled with environmentally friendly lubricants.

Voith Hydro Services works under ASME standards and uses strict WPS's and PQR's guidelines established by our welding engineers. All welders are tested and must pass X-ray examination in the 2, 3 & 4G positions.

Voith Hydro Services also offers four certified welding inspectors to our customers with both practical and engineering backgrounds.



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