Kaplan turbines

Kaplan turbines

In 1913, the company was the first to recognize the importance of Victor Kaplan’s invention and, in partnership with him, developmental tests were carried out. Since then, thousands of Kaplan turbines have left our workshops, among them the most powerful and largest in the world with an output of up to 200 MW and runner diameters of up to 10.5 m.
Our stepped program offers the best economical solution for any requirement. Large custom-built Kaplan turbines for high output ranges are Voith’s speciality.

Application range

Custom Kaplan turbines are used primarily for lower heads up to 50m and larger flows.

Selected references

Peixe Angical, Brazil

By providing three Kaplan turbines and generators, as well as the automation and control systems, Voith has helped to ensure the power supply for four million people.    read more

Uglich, Russia  

The Russian hydropower station on the River Volga was modernized by Voith, improving its output by around 18 percent. read more

Eglisau, Switzerland  

Voith supplied the listed building of the Swiss power station Eglisau with the latest technology, thus increasing its output by around 30 percent. read more

Estreito, Brazil

Voith delivered the electro-mechanical equipment for this Brazilian power station – which included the largest Kaplan turbines ever manufactured in Brazil. read more