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Internal Logistics

No matter whether empties need to be collected, cleaned and loaded, internal transports scheduled or spare parts stores operated, you can always rely on our advice and professional performance.

Make Ready Services

Furthermore, we offer services concerning the transport, presentation and preparation of vehicles.

We help you to make your production run smoothly with our logistic services - 24/7.

Overview of our Services

Toolmaking and Equipment Manufacture

  • Central Workshop
  • Forklift Workshop
  • Rework
  • Tool Management
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures

Manufacturing Support

  • Empties Handling
  • Internal Transport
  • Logistics for Nonserial Parts
  • Spare Parts Management

Vehicle Services

  • Wrap Guard Services / Final Finish Wax
  • Car Services
  • Vehicle Shunting

Practical Example

For several years, Voith has been providing internal logistics services for a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.
On the 10,000-square-meter factory floor, about 40 Voith employees working in two shifts manage the commercial vehicle manufacturer’s empties that arrive on 40-60 trucks from all over the world every day. They unload, presort, clean and intermediately store the empties.

They prepare up to 6,000 plastic boxes for reuse every day. Subsequently, our employees arrange them in packaging units for the company’s suppliers, address them and load them onto the approx. 500 trucks of the customer. In addition, they repair damaged empties.

With these services, we ensure smooth production processes and support our customer in focusing on the core business.