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State-of-The-Art Methods

Technical cleaning requires extensive knowledge of all processes on site because of increasingly complex equipment, machines and production processes. Being the subsidiary of a renowned engineering company, Voith Industrial Services is the leading technical cleaning specialist.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we know exactly what the industry needs. We enable processes to run smoothly. As a result, we retain the value and ensure availability of your plant and equipment.

We use state-of-the-art methods such as dry ice cleaning. Dry ice removes dirt from a variety of surfaces in a fast, gentle, versatile and environmentally friendly way. This method minimizes waste, does not require any chemical additives and shortens plant downtime.


We are the world leader in supporting paint finishing systems. Our list of customers includes all major automobile manufacturers.

Our Services

  • Machine Cleaning
  • Technologies
    - Press Shop
    - Body Shop
    - Paint Shop
    - Final Assembly

Practical Example

We have been providing various services at a major automotive manufacturer’s site for many years. Our services include production equipment cleaning, paint shop cleaning, factory street and floor cleaning and paint stripping of data carriers. We also carry out dry ice blasting at this site. For example, we clean control cabinets using dry ice. This example shows how versatile this cleaning method is. Voith Industrial Services, a technical cleaning specialist, has continuously developed this method further and utilizes it even in the most sensitive areas.