Final Assembly: Wheel & Tire Assembly / Pre-Assembly

Ensuring Your Production Runs Smoothly

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A key part of Voith Industrial Services’ service profile is the delivery of complete turnkey assembly and sequencing solutions, enabling complete and fully-managed assembly process outsourcing.

Whether it be exhausts or door seals, Voith Industrial Services provides fully engineered solutions across a range of commodity group and specializes in wheel and tire assembly.

Just in Time

Our customized just-in-time assemblies are at the core of all lean manufacturing operations.

Overview of Our Services

Wheel and Tyre

  • Assembly of Wheels and Tyres
  • Component Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery in-line Sequence
  • Supplier Management
  • Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Equipment Maintenance

Value-added Assembly

  • Door Assembly
  • Exhaust Pipe Assembly
  • Chassis Parts: Rear Axle, Front Corner and Strut

Practical Examples

Great Britain

Voith Industrial Services is a wheel and tire assembly specialist. We have gained our expertise and experience in many facilities worldwide. For example, 192 Voith Industrial Services employees work in 3 shifts to assemble wheels and tires on 2 semi-automated production lines for an automotive manufacturer in the UK. Capacity: 1.7 million assemblies a year. The units are stored and delivered “just in time“ to the final assembly site.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, a major manufacturer has been relying on Voith Industrial Services’ wheel and tire capabilities since 2005. We assemble wheels for passenger cars and deliver them to the OEM’s final assembly site. The assembly services also include the required logistics and quality assurance services.

We schedule and co-ordinate all inbound rims and tires as well as production and assembly and we manage delivery to the customer, ensuring that these processes are exactly in sequence with the car manufacturing process.

On two semi-automated production lines, the tires are mounted to the rims in a specified cycle time.

We check the quality of the rims and tires we receive for assembly as well as the quality of the assembled wheels.