Together On a Winning Track

All over the world, demand for mobility is rising, state monopolies are falling and competition between the various transport systems continues to intensify. These developments place high demands on the manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles, and also on their suppliers and service providers.

Voith Engineering Services enables you to get technical advances on track, faster and more profitably. We are partners in the development and revitalizing of rail vehicles and support you from design through production scheduling to commissioning and maintenance management.


Voith Engineering Services GmbH
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Overview of Our Services


Complete Vehicles

The design of complete vehicles requires, on the one hand, a high level of specialized know-how, and on the other, a vision of the whole. Voith Engineering Services combines both of these to provide the optimal complete solution.


  • Design/project planning
  • Weight management
  • Durability approval
  • Preparation of drawings to client’s standards
  • Building support
  • Project management, selection of suppliers and support to suppliers
  • Strength calculations including crash simulation

Chassis Construction 

In the chassis construction stage we can combine the various demands that arise from weight management, the mounting of modules and components and strength analysis into a single overall concept.

Working together with university institutions and our partners from Voith Industrial Services enables us to make specific use of new materials and to produce welded modules as required by the project.


  • Undercarriage
  • Car/locomotive body
  • Side and partition walls
  • Roofs
  • Driving cab/power head
  • Headboards/transitions

Interior Fittings

In the area of interior fittings we concentrate on ergonomic and functional design in accordance with design specifications. We use modern CAD software including CATIA, ProE, and Inventor.

Together with university institutions and our partners at Voith Industrial Services we can utilize new materials while still adhering to the standards governing rail vehicle manufacturers and can perform related investigations such as climate calculations.


  • Driving cab
  • Passenger compartment
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Air conditioning/ventilation/heating
  • Vehicle lighting

Technical Calculations

Technical calculations are part of our design activities, but are also a service that many clients obtain from us separately, e.g. in cases of complex crash simulations or truck calculations, for which we have developed our own software.


  • FE modeling using MSC Patran, ANSA, HyperMesh, and ANSYS
  • Stiffness and durability approval
  • Modal and frequency response analysis
  • Buckling analyses
  • Crash calculations
  • Bolt calculations to VDI 2230
  • Composite fiber structure calculations
  • Endurance strength/durability analyses

Vehicle Refurbishment

The priority in the refurbishment or conversion of vehicles is to improve conditions for the train crew and to raise the level of comfort for passengers. A further focus is on modernizing the drive systems, particularly by improving energy efficiency.

Detailed knowledge of the latest trends in vehicle refurbishment enables Voith Engineering Services, Road and Rail to reach a solution that combines cost-effective modernization with a high degree of innovation.


  • Refurbishment
  • Conversion
  • Component development
  • Project management for manufacturing