Products Around the Production Process

The software products from Voith Engineering Services, Road and Rail supply the system background for process improvements for our customers. The system components are easily customizable and feature a variety of interfaces for standard and higher-ranking systems. Thus, the consistent flow of information is implemented within a short period of time. Our services include the design phase, customization, commissioning, start-up phase and system support. This ensures that the customer has a lasting solution tailored to his processes and, therefore, a good investment.


Voith Engineering Services GmbH
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Our Products

Production Control jitCATS 


  • Order data management with ERP system interface
  • Sequencing and time control
  • Control/Visualization of orders and attachments
  • Synchronization with pre-assemblies
  • Status tracking, quality data acquisition and analysis
  • Flexible linking of resources at the field level, changes in the process are possible without programming


  • Cost reduction through integration of information flow
  • Reduction/Standardization of interfaces
  • Consistent documentation and traceability of the production process
  • Reduction of follow-up costs with technological changes
  • Reduced commissioning time

Presented with the elogistic Award 2011.

Logistic Control logiCATS 


  • Automatic retrieval of materials from warehouse at the latest possible time
  • Accurate synchronization with the production
  • Ensuring that supplies are free of subjective influences
  • Automatic inventory management and consumption posting, permanent inventory


  • Reduction in the amount of capital tied up by minimizing line inventory
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Increased reliability of material supply
  • Prevention of peak demand
  • Minimized inventory expenses for key date inventory

Maintenance Planning System maintCATS 


  • Process-adapted dialogues and workflows
  • Interfaces with ERP system
  • System interfaces for machine data acquisition
  • Mobile Client Technology
  • Automatic identification of maintenance locations
  • Integration of maintenance documentation


  • Reduction of costs for documentation and reporting
  • Reduced travel time
  • Increased data accuracy and objectivity
  • Greater availability thanks to accurate control of maintenance measures