Technology Center

Your Strong Partner For Design

Voith Engineering Services GmbH has completed, together with the technical center, the value chain in the product development process with development-oriented production.

With our services, you have the option to try out new and further developments with the development partner before production. Close collaboration with the development area allows for quick implementation of solutions found.


Voith Engineering Services GmbH
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Overview of Our Services

Technology Center

Prototype Construction

All of the resources required for the production of prototypes such as models, forms, molds and tools are designed and manufactured by staff with practical experience. This means that the requirements for the final component can already be taken into account early on in the production process. With mold design, model and mold making and parts production, we can utilize our expertise to achieve your goals.


  • Prototypes and components (such as fiberglass, carbon fiber)
  • Mockups and design models
  • Paneling and coverings

Function Testing and Commissioning

Components, machines and systems are tested to the client’s requirements and accepted at our technical center or, after assembly, on the client’s premises.


  • Vehicle components
  • Function and ergonomics modeling
  • Test stands 

Manufacturing and Service Facilities

In the manufacture of measuring and testing equipment, their process capability can be tested and documented immediately after manufacture. This spares the client further delays during the integration of such equipment into the production process. More information on our truck measurement and assembly stations is available via the link


  • Tools, apparatus and handling equipment
  • Gauges and testing facilities
  • Robot applications

Equipment Design

In the construction of operational equipment we focus on welding systems for chassis construction, handling systems for transport, parts handling and assembly devices plus measurement equipment and gauges for vehicle assembly.
Our use of innovative techniques and processes, together with standardized modular solutions and the specific know-how of our employees guarantees safe and efficient development.


  • Design of clamping jigs, welding equipment and assembly devices
  • Design of handling equipment
  • Design of gauges and measuring equipment
  • RobCAD and ProzessSimulate simulation
  • Project management

Our Technical Equipment

CNC milling machine, 5-axis for plastic and lightweight metal processing 

  • Traveling distance 3500 mm x 2500 mm x 1250 mm
  • Sinumerik 840D control Solution Line
  • Linear synchronous motors in X and Y
  • Extraction by suction, vacuum equipment
  • Maximum speed 26000 rpm 

System Tebis
Continuity from design to 5-axis programming. Data transfer: Catia, STEP, IGES, DXF. 

3D measurements (bis 3.5 m x 2.0 m x 1.5 m)
With flexible applicability thanks to two measuring arms, we guarantee the measurement of whole assemblies. There is a target-performance comparison of the 3D data file with the component.

Modell and mold making
The model and mold work is performed in our state-of-the-art lamination area including powerful extraction by suction, resulting in fiberglass/carbon fiber components with high-quality surfaces.

Conventional machining

  • Milling 1600 mm x 500 mm
  • Turning L=1000 mm, D=300 mm
  • Drilling, sawing etc.