Our Know-How Benefits the Energy Generation Industry


Voith Industrial Services

Consulting and Engineering

We are your expert partner for the design and project planning of process engineering facilities, particularly secondary systems and operating resources for your production site.

We provide consultancy and multidisciplinary engineering support to your company across various project phases.

Specific Know-How

Voith Industrial Services has specific know-how and extensive experience in the chemical processing and energy generation industries.

Overview of Our Services

  • Feasibility studies / concept developments
  • Weak point analyses / optimization of operations
  • Network analyses
  • Strength calculations
  • Process engineering / balancing / process simulations
  • Plant and piping engineering
  • Process equipment design
  • Process and plant safety
  • Project management
  • Engineering calculations

Practical Examples

Installation of Gas Furnaces for Thermal Oil System in
Power Plant

For the replacement and realization of two gas furnaces in a power plant (to supply a thermal oil system at a refinery site), Voith developed the concept and performed interdisciplinary basic engineering for all project sub-systems. A variant analysis was performed with different technical solutions in respect of furnace specification and mode of operation. In addition, project feasibility was examined and the costs determined.

After a variant had been chosen, the process engineering dimensioning was undertaken and the furnaces integrated into the existing process flow. Apart from process engineering, mechanical and control engineering aspects, the focus was on system safety.

The bid specification for the units was prepared on the basis of the process design and the bids were evaluated until the contract was ready to be awarded.

Voith Industrial Services also produced the plant layout and piping engineering.

Within the context of project management, ongoing scheduling and monitoring of project progress and costs were also performed.

Concept Development for CHP Facility (Combined Heat
and Power)

On behalf of a customer, Voith prepared a feasibility study on the use of residual gas with a range of process technologies available for this purpose. After preliminary selection of the basic processes and consideration of the variants available, we prepared a process engineering concept and a design specification. The budget prices for the key modules were obtained to determine investment costs.

Network Analysis Steam Supply

To determine the availability of a steam network, Voith Industrial Services carried out a complete analysis of pressure loss and volume, using appropriate simulation software. The entire system was modeled in the process.

The pressure loss characteristic was determined and represented accordingly. Voith Industrial Services then verified the bottlenecks that had been discovered and defined measures (modified mode of operation, increasing nominal diameter) to optimize the system.

EPC plant construction projects

Big plans for plant construction? Whether for subprojects or complete solutions for process plants, our professional project management responds to your particular requirements. Our specialists work together closely, in teams assembled and tailored specifically to your needs.

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