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Reliable Maintenance Services

In virtually no other industry is safety as important as in rail vehicles. Voith Industrial Services provides its customers with reliable maintenance services.

We also plan and operate entire maintenance workshops.

Practical Example

Voith Railservices maintain trams in Utrecht

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Our Services

Operation of Workshops

Voith Industrial Services takes care of your rail vehicles; right from the beginning, from a single source, independent of the manufacturer, and with a willingness to invest.

We offer a "full-service package" to rail vehicle operators. This also includes the setting-up and operation of maintenance workshops at any place you need us (national/international):


  • Location search
  • Planning and developing the new location
  • Construction work
  • Connecting the existing rail network to the workshop
  • Rapid execution with an optimized and tested start-up process
  • Comprehensive maintenance services, maintenance engineering, and maintenance optimization
  • Use of maintenance planning systems
  • General reconditioning
  • Materials management/stock management
  • Complete outsourcing concepts, experience with business transfers
  • Tested process-oriented allocation models

The rail business unit has access to the technical maintenance competence and the international network of Voith Industrial Services at all times.


Extensive specialized know-how and an eye for the bigger picture – Voith Industrial Services combines both to offer its customers optimal global solutions.


  • Complete BOT models including setting-up of independent workshops in customer proximity
  • Comprehensive maintenance services, maintenance engineering, and maintenance optimization
    - preventive and condition-based
    - electrical and mechanical
    - efficient breakdown management
    - internal and external cleaning
  • General reconditioning
  • Operational reliability and availability analyses
  • Warranty management
  • Quality management
  • Configuration management
  • Materials management
    - procurement
    - stocking
    - optimization
  • Benchmark processes for optimizing maintenance (manufacturer-independent) using the IPS tool