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Voith Industrial Services

On-Site Services by Insiders

The on-site service provided by Voith Industrial Services keeps your production running. Our highly skilled personnel and precise, readily available manufacturing capacities support your operations on site with maintenance, servicing, overhauls, upgrades, repair and installation work. Your systems work efficiently and downtimes are kept to a minimum.

Every day we add to our experience and know-how in on-site service. At present we have dedicated personnel at 50 different sites and are thus active in all major key industries.

Our Strengths -
Your Advantages

  • Dedicated personnel for the particular location
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Fast response due to our local presence

Our Range of Services

  • On-site models with solution-oriented industrial services
  • Need-based operating and maintenance concepts
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance
  • Piping
  • Repair and assembly work
  • Plant expansions
  • On-site machining

Certified Quality and Occupational Safety

“Safety – it’s your life!” is the global campaign for occupational safety at Voith. We have occupational safety and health protection firmly anchored in our corporate objectives and implement the corresponding measures through our integrated occupational safety management system.

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Certifications & Approvals

We currently hold all necessary certifications and approvals.

A Practical Example

Servicing of Piping Systems

A major part of our work is the solution-driven, preventive and reactive maintenance of our customers‘ production facilities.

One example is the servicing of piping systems, which are checked by our on-site team for any reduction in wall thickness, damage and their compliance with the relevant standards and regulations. If necessary a damage report is compiled and submitted. In the event of pipe damage, the planning and manufacturing documents are then compiled, the material procured and the piping prefabricated and replaced.