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Voith Industrial Services


A Partner You Can Rely On

System shutdowns in the chemical and petrochemical industry are complex projects that have to be carried out with the greatest safety, care and adherence to schedule. To achieve this, a reliable and experienced service partner is of the highest importance.

With over 400 shutdowns carried out in Europe, 20 of them each year and currently 50 maintenance teams in continuous operation, we have worked out special system know-how over many years. That is decisive when planned or unplanned shutdown projects need to be carried out efficiently.

Our range of services involves all project phases – from detailed preplanning and preparation all the way to execution, including safety, quality management and IT integration.

Of Paramount Importance: Quality, Safety and Expertise

Quality, safety and employee training are of paramount importance to us. Our own quality assurance and occupational health and safety schemes speak in our favor. We have all required certificates and permits.

“Safety – It’s your life!“ is the name of Voith Industrial Services’ global work safety campaign. With regular training courses, audits and accident analyses we are working on further improving our safety every day.

The awards we have won as a safety contracor testify to our performance.

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Overview of Our Services

  • Advising and planning
  • Project planning and organization
  • Execution, also as the main contractor
  • New constructions, rebuilds and modifications
  • Disassembly and reassembly of large machines
  • Multi-year contracts on the basis of our lists of measurements or external lists

Our Strengths

  • Experience with large projects
  • Exchange of expertise with the on-site specialists
  • 100% adherence to schedule
  • Fixed price per shutdown
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Execution of unplanned shutdowns

"Over decades we have worked out special system know-how. The commitment of our employees is Voith’s central objective."

Martin Karges, Manager at Voith Industrial Services