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Product of the Month August: WebDetect -nx

WebDetect -nx detects web breaks reliably. The multi-light sensor uses four light sources in the visible and infrared ranges to detect web breaks. The measuring principle is based on a spectroscopic method that takes into consideration the special optical characteristics and changes to the paper web and the dryer fabric. WebDetect -nx is absolutely reliable, regardless of high transparency (low basis weights) or poor contrast between similar colors of the web and dryer fabric. In addition, extraneous light does not affect the web break detection.
The benefits are obvious: WebDetect -nx avoids unnecessary downtimes caused by false alarms or damages of the paper machine due to late web break detection.



"WebDetect -nx is a new secure method to detect web breaks. Modern signal processing and evaluations, along with adaptive programs, adjust to the process. WebDetect -nx can be operated comfortably and easily with any web browser."

Peter Biener,
Product Manager WebDetect -nx

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