A few less worries - with reliable field instruments from one source

Field instruments are integral components of every production facility. Regardless of whether they’re control valves, on/off valves or sensors: field instruments are decisive for reaching the guaranteed plant parameters. Thus, they are important for reliable, stable plant operation.

If you previously had to coordinate various suppliers, Voith Paper Automation now offers you all essential field instruments for your plant from one source. We’re happy to support you from the selection to the start-up of products and beyond.


One partner for all needs…

  • complete automation know-how including field instruments from one source
  • selection of the best possible products
  • short-term changes possible in the delivery scope
  • reliable deliveries with guaranteed delivery times
  • substantially reduced coordination outlay
  • uniform instrumentation and documentation
  • reduced stock-keeping by standardization
  • tested and proven many times worldwide
  • prompt and smooth start-up of the entire system
  • products and service specifically adapted to and further developed for the paper industry

Product Portfolio

Valves / Armatures

Ball valves

OnC BallValve 500

The ball valves are on/off valves with full opening, maintenance-free spindle seal and a simple direct assembly for pneumatic actuators. OnC BallValve is also available as a manually operated instrument. The compact device is available with a diameter of DN 15 to DN 100. more

Valves / Armatures

Butterfly valves

OnC DiscValve 500

The maintenance-free butterfly valves have a specially worked triple-eccentric seat made of metal or PTFE. They are suitable for control applications and as on/off valves. Available diameters range from DN 80 to DN 1000. The butterfly valves can be used with water, stock up to 3.5%, steam and vacuumwater, stock up to 3.5%, steam and vacuum.

Valves / Armatures

Ball segment valves

OnC SegmentValve 500

The segment ball valves are an optimal solution for control applications in the paper industry. Easy to deal with and at the same time configurable to a high degree, they offer the best prerequisites for applications in stock preparation to the dryer section. Available diameters range from DN 25 to DN 700. The valves can be used for water, stock / reject material (up to medium consistency) and steam. more

Sensors / Transmitters

Total consistency measurement

OnC ConSens 700

OnC ConSens 700 is an optical sensor and is ideally suited for measurement of overall stock consistency (0 - 5%) in selected applications. It was developed for cases in which methods of measurement based on shear forces are insufficient due to the measuring principle. The integrated air bubble compensation is important for stable measurement results. A factory pre-calibration for the paper industry makes commisioning and start-up much easier. more

Sensors / Transmitters


OnC LevelSens

The OnC LevelSens product line includes level measurements and limit switches for all areas of paper manufacturing. The available instruments include radar, ultrasonic, vibration, hydrostatic pressure and capacitive types. more

Valves / Armatures

Limit switch box

OnC ValveSwitch 500

Monitoring of the limit positions for on/off valves is easier and more reliable due to the completely assembled box (including inductive proximity switches). The limit switch box is suitable for use with all Voith on/off valves.

Sensors / Transmitters

Flow (MID, vortex, mass)

OnC FlowSens

Our offer includes flow measurements for all applications in the paper manufacturing area. The devices are suitable for water, stock, steam, chemicals and additives. Available diameters range from DN 2.5 to DN 2000 (MID). The high measurement accuracy and the extensive auto-diagnosis are to be emphasized. more

Sensors / Transmitters

Differential pressure

OnC PressSens 120

The differential pressure transmitter is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 41 MPa (5945 psi). Along with high accuracy, it also offers excellent measurement stability. High performance transmitter for smallest measuring ranges Big turn-dowen-ratio from 100 : 1 Accuracy +/- 0.04% Changeable electronic unit more

Sensors / Transmitters


OnC PressSens

The core of the pressure transducers is the pressure measuring cell, which is available in rugged ceramic or stainless steel design. The transmitter is designed for applications with the highest requirements in the paper industry. High measuring accuracy, overload resistance, temperature stability and corrosion resistance are essential criteria that are met. more

Valves / Armatures


OnC ValvePos 500

The electro-pneumatic positioner can be used for all Voith control valves, regardless of diameter and type. Adaptation to the control valve and determination of the control parameters are done automatically.

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Field instruments from Voith Paper Automation are already used worldwide and have optimally proved themselves. Even with new projects, customers have confidence in the competence of our specialists and the reliability of our products.

Company City Country System
Sappi Maastricht B.V. Maastricht Netherlands
Stora Enso Langerbrugge NV Langerbrugge Belgium
Mondi Packaging Paper A.S. Steti Czech Republic
Century Pulp & Paper Lalkua India KM 6
Yueyang Paper Group Co. LTD Yueyang People’s Republic of China PM 9, PM 10
Jiangsu Oji Paper Co. LTD Nantong People’s Republic of China PM 1
Bilt Ballarpur Industries LTD, Bhigwan Puna India PM 2
Sea Dragons Paper Industries Co. LTD Dong Guan People’s Republic of China PM 27
Nine Dragons Paper Industries Co. LTD Dong Guan People’s Republic of China PM 9, PM 10
Dunapack GAG Dunaujvaros Hungary PM 7
American Israeli Paper Mills Hadera Israel KM 8
Vipap Videm Krško Krško Slovakia PM 3
Brodrene Hartmann A/S Babolna Hungary
Vyborgskaya Cellulosa Sovetsky Russia PM 1
Kondopoga JSC Kondopoga Russia DIP 1
Hainan Jinhai Pulp & Paper Co. LTD Hainan People’s Republic of China PM 2
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OnC FieldInstruments - Comprehensive equipment from a single source

OnC FieldInstruments - Comprehensive equipment from a single source

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