EvoFlow P suction press roll

EvoFlow P suction press roll

Paper machine rolls with high dewatering performance and long service life

EvoFlow P suction press rolls increase the dewatering capacity in machines with multiple-roll press designs. Through suction via the interior of the roll, they achieve a particularly high level of dewatering performance.

The paper web dewatering performance of the EvoFlow P suction press rolls is determined by the roll diameter, the level of the suction zone vacuum, and the open surface in the roll sleeve. The special cover design with blind holes or grooves substantially increases the water absorption capacity. In addition, long service lives are achieved by providing the drilled roll sleeve with a Voith polyurethane or rubber cover.

The SeaLencer seal strip system is used with the EvoFlow P rolls to save operating power and reduce noise in the immediate vicinity of the paper machine.

EvoFlow P suction press rolls are used to increase the dewatering performance of paper machine press designs with multiple-roll presses.


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