FETEC gripping head

FETEC gripping head

Clamping rolls quickly and reliably

FETEC expansion gripping heads allow quicker clamping of the core in winders because smaller rotation angles are required. This facilitates operation and reduces stoppages.

The FETEC expansion gripping heads have an improved design compared to the old heads with an integrated square shaft. The new heads  are fitted to the shaft with just one screw and can be dismantled as a whole. All moving parts are secured against falling out, since the gripping head is more simply structured due to its activation via a polygonal shaft in the interior rather than the gripping head of a conventional square shaft. The gripping heads function reliably due to the particular shape of the polygon. Optimized bearings and materials also allow heavy roll weights up to 10 metric tons – provided the winding stations can support this load.

FETEC expansion gripping heads are used in winders to quickly and reliably clamp rolls.


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