Higher adhesive quality increases productivity

Gecko is a new hot-melt start and end gluing system for winders. It glues light and heavy basis weights in a uniform, clean and high-quality fashion.


Gecko operates without contact, unlike cold glue applicators and adhesive tape dispensing units. The glue tracks are applied in a spin-spray process in which even short glue tracks are sufficient for extremely strong, durable adhesion. A circulation system reliably prevents the glue from clumping together. The complete system consists of the heated glue bar with the applicator modules, valves for glue and spray air, heated glue hoses, and the melting unit. Gecko is controlled either with a self-sufficient PLC or a solution integrated into the machine control.

Gecko is suitable for all basis weights and application speeds in winders. The glue is also suitable for indirect food contact.


Gecko (0.10 MB)

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