Quick reel spool change without manual threading

The M-Splice is a device for bonding old and new paper webs in the unwinder, enabling a quick reel spool change and reduced downtime.

The M-Splice consists of a pivoting cross-bar with Venturi suction nozzles and is installed in the unwinder. Before the reel change, the cross-bar is pivoted toward the web, which is then held by the suction nozzles. The operator can now cut the web, apply double-sided tape and change the reel. The new paper web is drawn over the splicing device, glued manually to the old web and carried forward to the winder. Because the web is not fed manually through the machine, operation with the M-Splice is safer. In addition, due to the pneumatic pivoting of the cross-bar, there is no need to intervene in the machine control system.

The M-Splice is used in the unwinder where it simplifies the reel spool change.


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