M&D laboratory measurements

M&D laboratory measurements

The highest measurement quality and detailed analysis

In the laboratory adjacent to the Paper Technology Center, Voith provides analyses of customers’ tests and measurements for specific questions.

After determining which testing procedure makes sense and is conducive to the special purpose, the samples are sent to Voith and measured with the highest precision by specialists in the laboratory. Along with all standard devices for measurement of roughness, stability, stiffness and visual characteristics, various special measurement procedures are also available. These include measurement of fiber length and shape with FiberMaster STFI and Kajaani FS-300, fiber fractionation according to Bauer-McNett, paper profile measurements with M&D Paper profile (Tapio PMA), offline measurements with OnV FlocSpotter, formation measurements with Ambertec and an MTS tester. Black satinage is done with a DA1 printability analyzer (Dr. Hermann Praast). Topographic measurements are done with a Lehmann LSFL-01 profilometer and gloss measurements with a Lehmann LMTL-01 gloss module. Roughness is determined by means of Sheffield Smoothcheck.

The measurements in the Voith Paper laboratories are for the analysis of the customer’s samples and are used to address specific questions that cannot be answered with the measuring devices in the customer’s laboratory.


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